Donating and Sponsoring

We are grateful to all who wish to help with the rebuilding of this historically valuable DC-3 aircraft, whether through membership dues, events, logistical support or anything else.

It is for all of us a cause dear to our hearts, to bring this piece of living history to the skies over Germany’s capital city again. And to make it available not just for a few – but for all! The citizens of Berlin and their guests from all over the world should be able to peer from the windows of this famous plane again.

In 1948, the Candy Bomber saved Berlin. Now it’s our turn to save her!

Here’s how you can help her get her wings back:

Donation via Bank Transfer:

Naturally you can make your donation using a bank transfer to our donation account. Due to high interest and offers of help from the USA, we have also established an account in US-dollars.


You can support the reconstruction of the Berlin Candy Bomber for example through the symbolic purchase of a piece of the plane, or through receiving a sponsorship certificate. And for those who might hope for their own actual piece of the plane, we have a limited-edition „Original Piece of the Candy Bomber“ series in release, in which you can purchase a piece of the original metal skin of the DC-3 airplane. (With purchase of this, you also have an opportunity to receive a reduced-fee membership in the Association).

Further information about all donation and sponsorship opportunuities can be found under „Donation and Sponsorship“.

Information for Donors:

Dear donors: we have received many donations that we unfortunately couldn’t process properly due to incomplete information. Therefore we ask all donors to send us a brief email with your contact info. Thank you! We also require your contact info. to send you a charitable donation receipt for your taxes.

Please send you email to:

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