+++ airmail 72 +++

Dear members of the Förderverein Rosinenbomber e.V.

With our airmail today we would like to report about our participation in the events for the airport festival in Gatow on 01./02.09.2018 and the classic car meeting in Bienenfarm, on 15./16.09.2018.

Both events are not comparable to the ILA, but the interest in our aircraft was great, even though we only participated with one stand without our plane.

In Gatow we could collect 900.- € on both days and 770.- € in Bienenfarm, for the sale of our merchandising articles and for donations. Many thanks to the members who organized and organized both events.

Also in Gatow we were again addressed by the initiators of the project „Airlift 70“ in June 2019 regarding our participation in the project. However, our commitment depends on the receipt of the traffic approval for our machine by the specified date.

After the assessment of our last General Assembly on the current status and the further measures in the approval process of our aircraft, we have to prepare a reliable plan for the approval of the DC-3 by October 2018.

The work was scheduled to start in September 2018 and, according to current estimates, will also begin in October. The estimation of the total costs for the required work with the extended concept can only be made later.

After the death of our treasurer in August I take over the office according to the law of association and with the resolution of the executive committee until the new election of the executive committee in the next year.

Yesterday there was a conversation with our member E. Gehm. He agreed to actively support our VS member T. Müller in the revision and design of our website as an online editor.

Best regards to all members
Gerd Gebhardt

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