Excerpt from the minutes of the 14th General Assembly of the Förderverein Rosinenbomber e.V. of 26.06.2018

Excerpt from the minutes of the 14th General Assembly of the Förderverein Rosinenbomber e.V. of 26.06.2018

The activity report was submitted to the Executive Board. In the reporting year 2017, the most important project again was the current application procedure for the traffic approval of the raisin bomber.

At the airfield festival Gatow in 2017 again successfully participated, it was again great interest in our aircraft. Participation is scheduled for Sept. 2018 again.

At the ILA 2018 at the end of April, the raisin bomber again had an attractive parking space. On behalf of the board, G. Gebhardt thanked all helpers and organizers. Donations and revenues came to almost 5,000 €.

All members of the executive board have renounced the annual annual volunteer fee of 720.- Euro and donated it to the association. The association recently had several articles in the print media as well as film footage on the occasion of the ILA presence and the next year’s 70th anniversary of the Berlin Airlift.

The cash audit has been carried out without complaints. The budget 2018 is before the executive board and requires a revision.

The general meeting was quorate. About the discharge of the board was voted by show of hands. The Executive Board was unanimously discharged.

Information on the current status in the application procedure for traffic approval

The STC’s (certificate) for the description of the emergency lighting and minor change with regard to the installation of the Doppler antenna for the mode „S“ operation have been made.

The noise measurement of the DC-3 was successfully completed in Sept. 17 and the original of the survey is now available. The data sheet 2501 now contains the configuration of the series: DC 3C – R183090C, with issue 3, date of 11.12.2017.

For cooperation with the company F. List: The company has sponsored the moce up (sample) of the seats. The comparison measurement of the airframes requested by the LBA has been completed, the related report is still pending.

The integration of the emergency lighting into the STC for the intended seating configuration, the modification of the floor slab concept and the interior (here the panels and the noise insulation + floor covering) are still open, this is still to be regulated by contract. In addition, the conservation of airworthiness, maintenance and modification of the „old seats“ is to represent. The F. List has a manufacturer for it ..

For the Permit to fly: (provisional traffic admission) with the company International Aviation Support we are in contact there to be able to carry out on-site an internship of the staff of the company SAS, the Aviation Technology Company (LTB) in Kamenz. This is necessary so that the company SAS receives the permission for the maintenance / approval of our machine.

The LBA demands complete proof for the execution of all aeronautical instructions. (LTA’s) Also in connection with the application for the LTB-approval and the indoor space for the IH-work in the authorized workshops.

The last working date was 29.06.18 with the LTB in Kamenz. The scheduled deadline for the work is September 18. An estimate of the costs can only be made with the concept to be created.

By October 2018, a robust planning for the approval of the DC-3 must be prepared.

A condition for our participation in the project airlift 70 in 2019, is the receipt of traffic permission for our aircraft until then. We are in contact with the initiators and will follow the further preparations. We wish the project much success.

Berlin, 10.07.2018
S. Wardin and G. Gebhardt

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