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Dear members of the Förderverein Rosinenbomber e.V.

With today’s airmail, we would like to report on our participation in the International Aerospace Exhibition – ILA Berlin 2018 at Schönefeld Airport.

The ILA started on 25.04. and went until 29.04.2018. For the first time only over 5 days. The first 3 days were reserved for trade visitors, on Saturday and Sunday all interested parties could visit the ILA. On Monday, after thorough cleaning and loading, with merchandising, the new tent and stand equipment, we were able to tow our plane to the stand and set up our stand. A newly purchased aircraft seat as an exhibit could be admired. The company F / List designed and sponsored the bank. The value of this work is estimated at 6 T € by the company. In the two cowlings left and right around the engines you could reflect. This work was sponsored and performed by our member Aviationtag. So we had a very attractive stand to offer.

On the first two days was bad weather, so that hardly any visitors came. Friday, the situation improved, Sa and So was then mass crowds. The interest of the visitors at our machine / booth was amazing. To visit our plane, the visitors stood in a long line. So we could with 6 to 7 members almost 5.000.- Euro donations for inspection and Merchandising articles occupy. The days were exhausting and I thank all involved.

There were also interesting contacts and press events. Directly in front of us, the project presented 70 years of airlift with 5 illustrated steles. The initiators visited us again. It is planned to fly 40 stations over the stations and corridors of the airlift to and from Berlin in June 2019, in order to portray Berliners as the logistical part of the airlift. The stationing of the machines should take place in Schönhagen. The further process is not yet known. Participation with our aircraft is possible if we receive the traffic permit until then.

Our general meeting will be held again in the Allied Museum. It is scheduled for June 26, 2018, 18:00 – 21:00. The invitation will be held until June 6, 2018. We will report in detail on the status of the admission procedure to the meeting.

All members
Best regards

Gerd Gebhardt

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