+++ airmail 68 +++

Dear members of the Förderverein Rosinenbomber e.V.,

since our last airmail no. 67 from 07/30/17 we were able to announce – as announced in it – on September 3rd, 2017 the noise measuring flights, with the DC-3 of Air-Lingus for our aircraft in the presence of the responsible staff of the DLR and the Federal Aviation Authority (LBA) and our board member S. Wardin, in Cochstedt near Magdeburg.

The noise measurements were below the registration limit, so that a noise certificate can be issued for the traffic approval and the machine can then be authorized for passenger transport.

This is another important step in the approval process. The further construction concept is in progress and must be coordinated with the LBA and the aeronautical engineering company.

The next steps are to prove the sufficient load transfer from the airframe to the seat rails through the Part 21 Operation F. List. the approval of the shipyard in consultation with the LBA field office and the paper preparation for the recognition by the British of past maintenance work.

On 01. and 02. September we took part again with a booth at the airport festival in Gatow. The event was well attended and we have very successful merchandising articles, a large part of which was provided by Air Service Berlin to us, sold and donations collected.

It is amazing how great the interest is and what sympathy was shown to our association with the desire that the raisin bomber will fly again soon. For the active support I thank the members H. D. Kallbach, M. Rothe, E. Dietel and O. Mogel on Saturday and J. friend on Sunday.

The next event to which we will participate again is the ILA 2018, which takes place again this time with 5 days from April 25 to 29, 2018 in Berlin. On 16.10.17 F. Hellberg has an appointment with the organizer Messe Berlin to get a free exhibition space for the ILA 2018 again.

Warm regards to all members

Gerd Gebhardt

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