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Dear members of the Förderverein Rosinenbomber e.V.

I would like to report on how our application process for the approval of our aircraft has been continued since our Annual General Meeting on June 22, 2017.

There is a new situation regarding the required noise measurement procedure. In Zweibrücken (Southern Germany), an airworthy DC-3 from South Africa is now stationed, which is largely identical to our aircraft. It could be agreed with the owner that the noise measurement procedure can be carried out for us with this machine. The procedure is much cheaper and faster than with our aircraft. After obtaining the approval of the LBA and the DLR, as well as the receipt of the outdoor landing permit at the airfield Cochstedt, the measurement procedure on the return flight from Dublin / Ireland to Germany from 24. – 27.07.17 should be carried out.

After difficult meteorological conditions, the landing takes place on Monday in Cochstedt. However, due to bad weather, visibility and high humidity, the measurement flights have not yet been completed and are now scheduled for early September.

It is advantageous that the measuring procedure could be discussed and coordinated in detail with all participants.

Last week, we received the necessary documents for project equipment from Nayak Aicraft Service GmbH, the development company in Cologne. Specialist are the STC’s (Supplemental Type Certificate), which means Supplemental Type Certificates and are the forms and documents for continuing airworthiness and confirming the necessary conversions according to the current EASA requirements. As a result, our VS member S. Wardin is now working on the further construction concept.

The next event where we will participate again with a stand is the airfield festival in Gatow, on 02./03. September 2017 takes place.

The organizers of the „CandyBGravellers“ bike tour in honor of the Airlift, end of April 17, have thanked us and informed us that the event will be held again next year.

Warm regards to all members

Gerd Gebhardt
2nd Chairman

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