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Dear Friends of the Candy Bomber,

As 2016 comes to an end, we take a minute to assess the state of our great, ambitious project. Everything still hinges  on the official permissions required to fly our G-AMRA/D-CXXX – and the process with the authorities has been slow and laborious, with tiny details holding things up.

But therefore we are thrilled to be able to announce:

We have finally received the written provisional permission from the Federal Aviation Office to allow the operation of our DC-3/C47!  Now the required noise test in Bruanschweig can be scheduled – once that is completed and approved, we’ll be bringing our aircraft to its dock in Kamenz.

In short: our Candy Bomber will be up in the air very soon!

Other legal steps remain, and potential obstacles, for example we still require a supplemental certificate to allow the installation of passenger seats.  But we are well underway in achieving this!

And another positive development to report: we’ve been given the green light to use the Schönefeld/ BER airport hangar for our plane in the future.   I’m sure you’ve followed the challenges of that airport, and we are very grateful to the airport administration for supporting us!

We are so happy to be able to report this news – and look forward to hearing the historical sound of two radial engines flying over our city again soon.

We thank you for your faith and support – we could not have brought our plane back to the skies with out you. 

On behalf of our whole team, I wish you a beautiful Holiday Season and a New Year full of Health and Happiness –

Sincerely yours –
Frank Hellberg, President.

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