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Dear Friends of the Candy Bomber,

As we reported in our last „Luftpost“, we have received the necessary contracts for the reconstruction of our aircraft from the technical aviation firm (LTB) SAS Kamenz and the Najak Aircraft Service GmbH Köln.

We can follow through with these plans as soon as the LTB receives permission from the Federal Aviation Authority (LBA) to carry out the necessary work and test flights.

We also met recently with the Head Representative of the LBA in Berlin, and have received their pledge of concrete support.

In addition, we have been seeking more detail about the history of our craft through various institutions in England – and have pleasantly surprised by the level of help we’ve received!  The Royal Air Force Museum, the Imperial War Museum and the National Archive all made efforts to supply us with information about our KK151  – however, nothing new has turned up yet.  We had hoped to find a logbook stating the KK151’s involvement in the Airlift – but this remains still a dream!  More important is our dream to get our D-CXXX up in the air again.

Our next fundraising event in scheduled for the 27 & 28 of August, 2016, in Gatow.  our annual members‘ meeting will be in October.

With warmest wishes,
Gerd Gebhardt & Michael Rothe

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