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Dear Friends of the Candy Bomber,

The ILA 2016 has now wrapped up, and even though the event had been shortened by a few days, we felt it was very successful for us.

Most importantly, we had a great number of visitors, eager to see our aircraft – 30-50 people waited in line througout the event! 3 Members stood by to inform the guests, and in total we raised 6.047,57 €.

It was a rough few days, due to the weather (a heat wave, with thunderstorms and downpours!) – so we are very grateful to our staff for sticking it out.

I’s especially like to thank staff and volunteers Torsten Wolf, Steffen Wardin, Olaf Mogel, J. Graffmann, J. Freund, H. Schwartz, M. Rothe, G. Höhne, E. Dietel, Dr. J. Reinhardt, H. D. Kallbach and C. Borchmann for their involvement.

On the second day of the event, we were paid a visit by Dr. Ing. Roth (Rep. of the Federal Aviation Authority), who viewed the aircraft and set up our appointment for our next round of permissions from the authorities.  The next steps will be the creation of the cost- and work plan with the technical aviation firm in Kamenz.

Our annual members‘ meeting will take place in September – notice coming soon via „Luftpost“!

Best from
Gerd Gebhardt, 2nd Chair

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