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Dear Friends of the Candy Bomber,

Last week we received notice from the Fed. Aviation Authority (LBA) that the path towards our plane being ready for takeoff is now a clearly defined and possible one!

To quote Hr. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Roth, the Project Leader for „Aircraft Type Certification“:

„Today we have learned that the BMVI Ministry has accepted the type certification listed in our protocoll – in the coming weeks, we will meet with the respective authorites in the LBA to advance the next steps.“

In short: the full reparation of the aircraft can now begin!  The concrete plans for this will be discussed soon with the technical aviation firm conducting the work.

Dr. Roth visited our plane and booth on June 2nd – a good sign for our work together, as we move forward!

Sincerely yours,
Frank Hellberg, President

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