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Dear Friends of the Candy Bomber,

As out last March newsletter announced, we met with the representatives of the Fed. Aviation Authority (LBA) in Braunschweig last week. Here are the meeting minutes:


Meeting with the LBA in Braunschweig, April 28, 2016


– Helmut Fendt, Dpt. of Certifications, Envirnmt. and Radiation Protection
– Dr. Bernd Roth, Dpt. of Certifications, Envirnmt. and Radiation Protection
– Frank Hellberg, Pres. of the Friends of the Candy Bomber
– Steffen Wardin, Board Member, Friends of the Candy Bomber
– Gerd Gebhardt, 2. Chair of the Friends of the Candy Bomber

The concrete plan of certification laid out by Dr. Roth on 12/29/14 could not be maintained, as the DC-3 is no longer recognized in the German specs. – this is necessary for flight permission.

Two solutions were proposed to get the DC-3 back on the official books:

1. No actual erasure from the books has been found – the last entry is from 1954.  Our Pres. has written the authorities to request an entry (answer expected in 4 weeks).

2. If an erasure is found, we plan to use the American certification of the aircraft, and transfer it to the German.

Also required for entry is a noise measurement. This requires a special machine and accredited inspector – however, the dockyard is not accredited, therefore no offical inspector yet available.  The LBA proposes assigning an experienced inspector who can work with the LBA in conducting the inspections and getting the required certification.

A better system of communications was proposed by the Head of Certifications, requesting that all are cc’d on all correspondance.

Both sides contributed productively towards the realisation of getting the Candy Bomber fully licensed.

End of Minutes.

It was refreshing to see how truly committed the Dpt. was towards helping us achieve our goals, offering creative solutions and teamwork at every turn. Let’s hope this continues!

The next task is to have the inspector assigned to conduct the tests in Kamenz – perhaps we’ll have some good news on this front in a few weeks.  That would be nice to report at the upcoming ILA!

Sincerely yours,
Frank Hellberg, President

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