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Dear Friends of the Candy Bomber,

Our last newletter (from 11/29/15) upadted you on our latest progress in getting our aircraft licensed. The Fed. Aviation Administration (LBA) tested and approved the technical aviation firm in October/ November, and will provide the permits for the noise tests and reparations in the near future. We held a Board meeting on Feb. 23rd to discuss the latest info. from the LBA, and will update you here.

The required certification from the LBA (for eventual flight permission) could not be produced, as no more DC-3’s are able to be registered in Germany.  Our partner S. Wardin has reentered our aircraft into the English registry in the meantime, and proposes 2 alternative solutions:

1. The DC-3 remains registered in England and all the inspections are carried out there until the „Permit to fly“ is achieved.
2. Apply to the LBA to allow recognition of the American specs.

To advance these proposals, we will schedule a meeting with the LBA representatives in Berlin and Braunschweig.

Frank Hellberg stresses that obtaining this ceritification from the LBA is of urgent importance, and therefore is working with S. Wardin to set up a meeting as as soon as possible with the authorities.  The goal is to have all the parties at the table, to discuss the issues and find solutions, with structural support offered as needed.

If the LBA helps us find a solution swiftly and we continue to push ahead with all our might, we believe we can get our Candy Bomber up in the skies again by this year.

Gerb Gebhardt, Chairman of the Board.

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