Merry Christmas

Dear Friends of the Candy Bomber,

The holidays have begun and so has the time for recollection. It was an exceptionally good year for our Candy Bomber.

We came one big step closer to realizing our goal of rebuilding the Berlin Candy Bomber, through the purchase and delivery of a flyable DC-3 (known as G-AMRA). We have now met the technical prerequisites for the reconstruction.

This milestone was met only through the collective help of our donors, big and small.

I would like to give a special thank you to „kfzteile24 GmbH“ and the Airport Assoc. of Berlin Brandenburg GmbH, whose substantial support has greenlighted the path forward towards complete renovation of the aircraft.

As I was composing this Christmas greeting, I thought about what Christmas in 1948 was like, and I came upon this mention:

Christmas, 1948

„Operation Santa Claus“ , started by several airlift pilots, has taken off with support of friends and acquaintances in the USA, and has resulted in 53,000 packages being delivered to children in Berlin.

Such joy, such compassion. Young men, still carrying the war in their very bones, who could not be reunited with their own families for Christmas, have asked for aid for the children of a foreign land, for a country and a people that were their enemy not long ago.

It is easy to imagine the beaming eyes of the Berliner children who have received one of these packages; a gift they will never forget.

This and many other heartwarming accounts resulted in the success of the airlift, and make it clear why we must persist in reconstructing the Berlin Candy Bomber as a living, flying memorial to that event.

This aircraft will stand in the future as a testament to the success of all humanitarian airlifts and efforts; it is the proof that after war and catastrophe, humanity prevails, and this can never be forgotten.

The Friends of the Candy Bomber Assoc. will continue its efforts to collect donations and support for the Berlin Candy Bomber, and would be thrilled to count you among our supporters.

Save the Candy Bomber that once saved us!

With wishes to you and yours, for your own beautiful and peaceful Holidays full of wide-eyed children.


Frank Hellberg,


Some facts about the Berlin airlift:

  • 76 people died during the airlift: 31 Americans, 40 Englishmen, and 5 Germans.
  • On one day, the 16th of April, the log books recorded that 12,940 tons of freight were transported, the equivalent of 22 freight trains with 50 wagons each.
  • Every month, ca. 60,000 spark plugs had to be replaced in the airplanes.
  • The cost of the airlift was about 32 Billion Deutsche Marks, not including the value of the goods and the airport costs in the West.
  • About 57,000 people were involved in the implementation.
  • 2,342,257 tons of material were flown to Berlin on 279,962 flights.
  • The total amount of flight hours adds up to more than 35 years.
  • The total distance of all airlift flights flown adds up to 175 million kilometers.
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