Moving Day with 2400 Horsepower: the DC-3 „G-AMRA“ is out of the elements

Berlin- Schönefeld, 3 p.m. on Friday, November 15th: our Candy Bomber G-AMRA has a roof over her head! The historical DC-3 airplane, which landed in Berlin last July 30th, is now parked in a hangar at the edge of the new BER airport, where she will be transformed into our restored Candy Bomber. We’ve finally cleared the room for her in our hangar, having moved aside the remaining parts of our craft that was damaged in 2010.

At 3:20 p.m., Steffen Wardin started up the two 1200 Horsepower motors, and with a lot of hissing and clattering and a cloud of exhaust, got things rolling. The „Follow-Me“ truck stood ready in the hangar, as the Dakota was set in motion. Then Steffen paused as Klaus Bobzien threw open the door for me, and I hopped into the cabin. Quickly I pulled up the ladder, Klaus slammed the door closed, and Steffen set off with me in the co-pilot seat. (We had to manage this in stuntman-like fashion since I was the only one there filming the event, and had to document from inside and outside the plane.) Then we trailed the „Follow-Me“ to the Lufthansa yard and over the runways to our flyer’s new residence. After a few minutes we arrived, Steffen turned off the propellers, and an electric tug pulled the G-AMRA backwards into the hangar. Now she sits right next to the DC-3, awaiting the reconstruction.

As Steffen Wardin locked up the gate to the hangar, a Swiss Farnair ATR 72 rolled past, heading for the northern pier of BER airport, illuminated by the lights of the airfield. For a minute it felt like the BER airport might almost be operational.

Ralf Drescher

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