Press Release – 22.07.2013


We’ve done it! Berlin will get its Candy Bomber back!

Back then – during the blockade of 1948/9 – the Candy Bomber helped Berliners to survive. Now it’s our turn to save the Candy Bomber!

One of these gleaming DC-3s kept history alive for years, letting thousands of Berliners and thier guests experience the world’s biggest airlift, flying for themselves in „their rescuer“. Up until the emergency landing in 2010.

Hundreds of Berliners rallied after the crash, in which the DC-3 was badly damaged, and formed the Friends of the Candy Bomber Association. Their aim was to reconstruct this symbol of history, to let it fly again. They and hundreds of individual donors met their goal: for $210,000, another Candy Bomber can now be purchased. The greatest contributions were made by businesses, like kfzteile 24, Steiff and the Berlin watch manufacturer Askania. Other supporters included the Spielbank Berlin, e.on, Warter Aviation and private donors like Reinhard Mey.

This second DC-3 that is necessary for the repairs was found in Coventry, England. Just like the damaged aircraft, this plane, currently operated by Air Atlantique, took part in the airlift. Today, in Coventry, the documents will be handed over and the purchase enacted.

July 30th will be an exciting day: in a five-hour flight over the English Channel, an English crew will bring the aircraft from Coventry to Berlin-Schönefeld. Expected arrival in the German capital is between 12:30 and 2 p.m.

After the official press conference, the plane will be taken to her ailing colleague in their hangar. a few weeks thereafter, both DC-3s will go to the aviation yard in Kamenz, to begin the marriage of their parts. Another 300,000 Euros will be needed for these efforts.

The „new“ Candy Bomber should be fit to fly in time for the 65th anniversary of the airlift.

Honza Klein, Lutz Schönfeld
Press Representive

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