Press Release – 10.05.2012


Dramatic, exciting activity is taking place at the Candy Bomber hangar:
The center-wing will finally be removed from the tail by TRAINICO!

Invitation to Press Conference

This upcoming weekend, at the „All around the terminal“ Open House event at the Berlin-Brandenburg Airport, the Friends of the Candy Bomber Association will take an important step in their reconstruction of the Candy Bomber airplane.

As most of you know, we want to let this DC-3 take to the skies over the capital city again. We’ve received substantial support in this venture from the Trainico Company.

Trainees in their Aviation Mechanics Dpt. have been working on the damaged machine and have begun preparatory work for the eventual melding of our plane with the second aircraft from Coventry.

We invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to watch this activity live at the edge of the „All around the terminal“ festivities on May 13th, 2012. The head of Trainico, Jürgen Grau, as well as the Instructor Herr Hackenschmidt, trainees, and respresentatives of the Candy Bomber Assoc., Frank Hellberg and Steffen Wardin, will be speaking.

Meeting point: General Aviation Terminal (GAT) at the Berlin-Brandenburg Airport

Time: 10 a.m.

As the activities will be taking place in a hangar at the airport, which is a high security zone, we request that you register with your name and birthdate at:


Honza Klein
Press Representative
Tel.: 0178-1944689
Fax: 030 – 6091 3731
Förderverein Rosinenbomber e. V.
c/o Air Service Berlin CFH GmbH
Flughafen Schönefeld
12529 Schönefeld

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