Almost as it was 45 years ago

About a year and a half ago, my now 11-year-old son started Junior High School at the Gymnasium.  As a special treat I decided to buy him a “time travel” trip on the Candy Bomber.  As young children are not allowed to fly by themselves, I bought myself a ticket, too.  And one for my wife.

Here’s the background:

In September of 1965, as a little tyke of two and a half years old, I flew for the first time in my life.  Hard to imagine now, but so it was.

Start of the flight: Central Airport Berlin-Schönefeld.  Destination: Heringsdorf.  Airplane: an IL-14, a distant cousin of the DC-3.

On the way onto the tarmac we passed through to a back gangway underneath the wing.  For the first time in my life I saw such huge tires!  They looked so soft and fluffy, that I tore away from my mother’s hand, ran to the vehicle and gave it my all in a big kick to the tire.  My foot still really hurts today recalling this.  Later I got a soothing bandage and some yellow candies to suck on against the cabin pressure.

I told my son this story a few years ago, who took good note of it, as it turned out later.  Now some photos of our flight with the original:

Clear skies and a magnificent view of Berlin at 2500 ft

100-km visibility, can see the town of Halle

All in all, a wonderful afternoon I was able to give my son!

After the landing we had a chance to take some photos with the “Old Lady”.  Here are some pics of my son:

Fast wie vor 45 Jahren!

Almost as it was 45 years ago

Fast wie vor 45 Jahren!

Almost as it was 45 years ago

Almost as it was 45 years ago.

Sincerely yours,
Olaf Mogel

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