Press Release – 29.06.2011

First worldwide Berlin campaign to „Save the Candy Bomber“

One year after the emergency landing of Berlin’s most beloved airplane – the Candy Bomber – a campaign for its reconstruction has officially begun. After an emergency landing in June of 2010, the aircraft was so badly damaged that she was unable to fly.

People from around the world have rallied to create the Friends of the Candy Bomber Assoc., dedicated to rebuilding this living piece of history. As an American said, „Where else can you get into a monument and take off into the skies? Only in Berlin.“ (- Gail Halvorsen, May 2011)

The Candy Bomber saved Berlin’s life in the world’s greatest airlift of all time. And so the campaign reaches out to the world from Berlin, using social networks. From July 1st, all channels will be open: Facebook, Twitter, Xing, You Tube: these will allow people from all over the world to take part in the fate and rebuilding of Berlins flying monument. They can chat and tweet and donate from anywhere.

In Germany there is a separate fundraising campaign: an SMS of the word „Rosine“ sent to the telephone number 81190 will automatically donate 5 Euros to the cause. As a response one receives a sentence sent to your phone that is known around the world . . .

The Berlin airports are doing their part to support the Association. Airport representative Ralk Kunkel: „The beginning of the fundraising campaign is an important step in the rebuilding of the Candy Bomber. The Candy Bomber is a unique witness to our city’s history, and tells us not to give up even in the hardest times of crisis. We are thrilled that the new regional airport for Berlin, BER Berlin-Brandenburg, will also be the new home of the Candy Bomber. It will be the takeoff point for countless Berliners, Brandenburgers, and their guests to take flights over the city and to learn part of our city’s history.“

The American Embassy has agreed to offer use of its social network portal as well as its logo in the campaign.

Even the complicated technical work has had some early success: in the coming weeks, a team will be flying to Coventry, England, to assess an aircraft that may very well serve to provide replacement parts.


Flughafen Berlin-Schönefeld GmbH
Ralf Kunkel
Tel.: 030/6091-2055
Fax: 030/6091-1643
Förderverein Rosinenbomber e.V. Frank Hellberg
1. Vorsitzender
Tel.: 0178-1944689
Fax: 030 – 6091 3731
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